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Face on Fire is a seriously casual raiding guild. Currently we're focused on 10 man Firelands, progression raids are Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10 PM Server Time.

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Kicking Ass in Firelands

by Exvanlane, 1479 days ago

Got our guild first Shannox kill last week, and this week Beth'tilac! Gratz everyone!

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4.2 Future Gear and EP

by Zulthas, 1520 days ago

A new patch will soon be knocking on our front door. With the new expansion, there will be many new upgrades and items to obtain to make raiding even easier. Being a <Face on Fire> member has many benefits. Even more benefits, however, fall to our dedicated raiders. Management has decided that at the turn of the patch, all current, dedicated raiders will be able to obtain the latest and greatest of craftable gear when the patch hits. If its an upgrade for you, you get it. No catch. Just stay active and the shinies will be yours.

"Hey Zelthas...I'm not a raider {Insert Sad Face). I want shinies too!!!!1one." That is perfectly normal. Not everyone can be a dedicated raider, and many people don't want to be. If you still want teh shinies too, the GBank will need a ton of mats to help make these craftable items. The best part of all...wait for it...Starting 6/7/2011, you can make donations that will affect your EP for next patch. The prices will be the same as current AH prices for EP. Max will be 1000 EP for the week up until the new patch. Prices will change and fluctuate as they do on the AH.

Records will be kept in


What mats were looking for that will contribute to future EP is posted here:

So basicaly, you can still collect EP for this patch AND for the next patch and get ahead of the game! Any questions, post here or hit me or Catie up. Good Luck everyone :D!!!

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Registering to the Forums

by Exvanlane, 1535 days ago

New applicants, and current members wanting to register to the forums:

If you have an existing account with guildlaunch make sure that you are logged out.

Click on the forums link to the left of the screen, under Main Menu.

Click on the Applicants forum.

Click New Topic.

It will now ask you to log in. To the right you should see a link that says, "Create and Account or Apply to this Guild."

Now, if you have an existing account log in. If you do not have an existing account, create one. (When creating an account please make your user name the same as your in game character.)

It will then send you to the Guild Application. Current members, there is no need to fill out the application in detail. New members that are interesting in joining, please fill out the Application as completely as possible.

Once the application is filled out you will need to have an officer approve the application.

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Welcome to the new(old) forums

by Exvanlane, 1535 days ago

Welcome to Face on Fire's website. With Khaas leaving, I have been working on getting faceonfire.org up and running, but it turns out the process is going to take a lot longer than originally planned. And so I am re-activating our old forums!

If you have not registered to the forums yet, please do so now.

Thursdays (5-18-2011) raid it still on the schedule, so please show up!

Thanks everyone,


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